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  1. ciao a tutti , oggi ho presso web hosting da hostso.com , ho gia un dominio (www.srimix.org) registrato da altervista.org (Con 14.35 Euro + iva all'anno) , ho la posibilita di modificare DNS ,e fare redirect. quando registrato in hostso mi e arrivato questoo messaggio 1. Nameserver Settings: _____________________________________________ If you have purchased your domain from us you can ignore this section, we will set the nameservers automatically. Once you have uploaded your website to our server you need to contact your domain registrar and set the nameservers of your domain to ours: 1.nsEasy.com 2.nsEasy.com Some registrars require the IP address of our nameservers, they are: The IP address for 1.nsEasy.com is The IP address for 2.nsEasy.com is Please note it can still take 24-48 hours after you set the nameservers for your domain name to 'propagate' (register around the Internet) and become fully active, there is nothing we can do about this, it's just the way the Internet works. 2. Master Account information: _____________________________________________ Domain Name: srimix.org IP Address: Username: srimixor Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxx -This username and password is used for both FTP and Control Panel Login. vorrei sapere in altevista basta cambiare ip dns ? qualidi questi ip devo mettere ? in altervista ho messo questo srimix.org questo *.srimix.org questo www.srimix.org vorrei installare phpbb3 come faccio avere forum qusi http://www.srimix.org/forums.... http://www.srimix.org/photos....