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  1. My problems are solved :-) With Google I found this post: File .htaccess su Register.it Once you enable +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch mod_rewrite on Register.it works!
  2. Ciao a tutti. Excuse my Italian.. I transferred my domain to Register.it and activated it with a Linux Business Trial. Now I just uploaded my .htaccess file and it seems my RewriteRules don't work? I did some searching on Google and found that Register.it does have mod_rewrite disabled? I asked support, but I think there is nothing I can do. I found another page on: Zeus Rewrite Rules User guide | Rewrite Scripts | Register365 Register365 is also a Dada company and I hoped Register.it was also on ZEUS, but I tried a rewrite.script file and it does not work :-( I was really looking forward to Register.it, but I need my mod_rewrites! Is there another host company that does shared hosting in the < 200€ / year priceclass? What I need: - unlimited webspace or BIG volume - monthly traffic - Linux - mod_rewrite - ImageMagick module - access to PHP.ini - if possible Cpanel or Plesk - free support