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  1. Hello, guys. I'm not from Italy so let me speak in english. We just want to share with you our experience with italian budget Virtual Private Servers providers for non-europeans. We don't want to tell like "xxx hoster is bad, because of ...". Just a few words about some problems. Client area and support Some client areas and support systems are not comfortable for using, some of them doesn't have english language for choosing (in that case translate.google.com (Chrome built-in translator) was used). It seems that WHCMS and internal support system of WHCMS is better than others. WHCMS is used by flarewm.com and keliweb.it Support is not bad for all providers, may be for aruba.it it's not quick enough. Payment Payments over PayPal were successfully for all providers. Two of VPS providers asked a scan of passport and signed documents (order): 7host.com, aruba.it No problems with it when you have a scanner, but without a scanner it could be a problem. ;) Any way it's just for preventing fraudulent payments. VAT We don't live in Europe, so we don't need to pay VAT. But only a few companies disable VAT for non-european people according client's country. So in other way we had to write tickets to VPS hosting providers for payments without VAT. Servers We didn't use VPS servers in a hard way, so we couldn't say nothing about servers' stability and performance. But were no so long networking problems with no one. Also we used only servers under Linux. Conclusion We tried some budget VPSes from italian providers (we didn't touch providers with VPS's prices like 50-300 EUR ;)) Tested: 7host.com, aruba.it, flarewm.com, seflow.it, keliweb.it, serverplan.com We liked flarewm.com, keliweb.it, seflow.it. Why? Prices, comfortable client area, support. We will happy that our experience with italian VPS providers will be helpful. Our project And now let us introduce our project where some of italian servers are used. See out check-host project in signature - a modern online utility for checking websites - Website performance and URL availability checking from different places in the world - Pinging website from many countries in one click - Any TCP port checking for availability from different servers in the world - Domain resolving from nameservers in different countries - Reports for every check with a permanent link to report (useful for providing this result to support of the provider when you have problems with your site/server) - Geographical location for website or IP address - Support of all well-known protocols' schemes for TCP port checking (example ssmtp://smtp.gmail.com) - Punycode support (example - президент.рф) - IP Subnet Calculator (CIDR -> IP range, IP range -> CIDR) Servers are located in many countries (USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Australia). We plan to improve this project adding more features and more servers from other countries. We are interested in your ideas, feedbacks and suggestions about our italian VPS experience and also about our project in signature
  2. I have learned CCNA nearly about one year. followed school NetAcademy course. so the base is not too bad. In summer I heard one of my classmate participate the CCNA exam. To keep up with pace of the society, I take the exam,too. I have only a week to prepare my exam .First, let me talk about how I prepared in a week. I spent 3 days to read “CCNA study guide”(the sixth version).because I have learned it before, so I have a rough look. I also read a lot of others feelings and experiences. Seemingly the Q&A is a magic weapon for each person through the CCNA. From the fourth day ,I downloaded various of the Q&As on many forums, because the exam center always change their exam, so the quantity of the Q&A is so large that it include above 500 Q&As. I am so lazy and not willing to spend too much time on this, luckily I found this website : testpassport. Before buying the Q&A,I contact with the staff. they said the coverage of the Q&A is more than 96%.To tell the truth, I can not ensure they could help me. After purchase, the staff sent both pdf and software to me through e-mail .when I open the mail, it has only 171 Q&As. Wow, less questions, whether it is able to do the same as what the staff said. The problem will answered after take the exam. Conscientiously read the Q&A twice. Later use the simulation test engine. And mark the wrong answer and then re-do several times. After two days ,I received a letter from testpassport, they said the cisco company just changed their exam and they sent the update version to me. The change is not large. In this way, hastily prepared to take a test after a week. Before take the exam, cisco company will have a investigation. it needs 15 minutes and this do not waste your test time. There will be a section can fully let you familiar with the exam interface. I suggest the candidates who first take the exam do not treat something lightly. Carefully read this section and in the end make sure you are over 18 years old and agree with the test agreement. After this. it is time to start exam. On the process of the exam, you can not able to go back to check the test, so all of the candidates must need to read the questions carefully. I have drawed 44 questions within 3 simulation questions. I do not want to talk too much about choice questions. Single Choice need to choice one answer. Multiple-choice are in accordance to the questions, then click next is ok. The most important are simulation questions. There are two kinds, the first part include three to four choice questions, answer these questions need to according to the router's configuration.Directly click console in topological graph ,connected to the corresponding computer router, enter to CLI interface, then click ”show run” to view the router configuration to answer the corresponding questions. Must ensure that all questions are answered, In the upper left corner, there will be a progress shows, For example, a total of 4 questions, you answered the one will show 25%. Finished this then cick next, the system will prompt you, then click sure to go to next questions. Another part is the router configuration, I encountered a NAT and a basic configuration of the route question, it is the same as the Q&A, set NAT overload ,router name, console, vty password. After configured, must copy run start, otherwise the configuration will be considered invalid. To my surprise, all the test questions are exist in the Q&A, it took about 40 minutes, I have finished all the questions easily. Print out test results on the spot, aha, 986 point. This is my CCNA test experience, and it is also my first time to write this, I hope it can provide some help. Wish all the candidates pass the exam.