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Esperti, date un'occhiata a questa offerta?

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In effetti, per quello ti dicevo che è sempre meglio chiedere cosa comporta il supporto managed, onde evitare brutte sorprese.


Dal mio punto di vista chi ti offre un servizio managed completo non dovrebbe nemmeno darti acceso ssh, e da uno sguardo veloce mi sembra che loro te lo offrano

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Cercando un piano reseller mi è arrivata un'offerta per una VPS, questa:

DirectAdmin Virtual Private Servers Hosting by LVPSHosting - Your Hosting Is Our Responsibility


avete voglia di darci un'occhiata e darmi un vostro parere?

E' molto più complicato gestire una VPS rispetto ad un piano reseller?


Le differenze sono tantissime, ti consiglio di continuare a cercare nel mondo dei reseller e lasciar perdere una soluzione VPS se non managed, ma in questo caso con canone ovviamente più elevato :)

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Grazie Ste, questo è quello che coprono su tutti i piani:


Managed VPS Options!

Every VPS hosting account that you have with us comes complete with our managed option. Below is a detailed list of what is covered.


Covered Managed VPS Options!

Root User Access


Service / Feature


24/7/365 Remote Hands


Add Additional IPs to the Server


O/S Install/Reinstall


Server Updates as Requested


Control Panel Updates as Requested


Compromised Server Recovery from our Backup


Hardware Failure Replacement


Online Management Portal


Host Server Monitoring


Disk Integrity Monitoring


Security Assessment


Initial Security Hardening


Enforce no-executable/no-suid operations on /tmp & /var/tmp


Firewall Protection


Rootkit Hunter Installation


Catch PHP nobody Spammers


Resource Monitoring (Drive Space, CPU usage, Memory )


Brute Force Detection


Install, reinstall, upgrade and maintenance of all basic Linux services as: apache, php, mysql, sendmail, dovecot etc...


Process Resource Monitor


QoS (Quality of Service)




Enforce no-executable/no-suid operations on shared memory tmpfs


mod_dosevasive installation with custom settings


mod_security installation with custom directive settings and snort-based filter-rules


Official System Software Updates




disable php functions (phpinfo, system, include, chown, chmod, exec, mail, passthru, etc...)


Root Access Notification


Disable Telnet and other insecure services


Force the use of SSH protocol 2


Mask apache server & services version numbers


Set an SSH Legal Message


Daily server maintenance, adding users, compiling software, etc...


and much more...


Note details:


All our virtual servers are managed by default. A managed server means that we will do the complete server management for you. This excludes any third party scripts or services that you may install.


Additionally, we can also try to help you with any third party scripts or service installation and management but we can only give you our "best effort" guarantee. This is because there are so many different applications out there that it's simply impossible for us to be familiar with all of them, or with even just a small number of them.

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