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mysql fulltext con punto

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sto utilizzando la ricerca fulltext di mysql su un database piccolo (un migliaio di record circa).

Mi scontro però con un problema "stupido". Ad esempio, uno dei campi che è indicizzato è U.P.S. ...se però faccio una ricerca è come se ignorasse il segno punto.


Ho avuto anche un problema sulla lunghezza minima delle parole che però ho risolto valorizzando ft_min_word_len.


Vi è mai capitato ?




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ummm mi sa che devi aggiungere il punto

  • If you want to change the set of characters that are considered word characters, you can do so in several ways, as described in the following list. After making the modification, you must rebuild the indexes for each table that contains any FULLTEXT indexes. Suppose that you want to treat the hyphen character ('-') as a word character. Use one of these methods:
    • Modify the MySQL source: In myisam/ftdefs.h, see the true_word_char() and misc_word_char() macros. Add '-' to one of those macros and recompile MySQL.
    • Modify a character set file: This requires no recompilation. The true_word_char() macro uses a “character type” table to distinguish letters and numbers from other characters. . You can edit the contents of the <ctype><map> array in one of the character set XML files to specify that '-' is a “letter.” Then use the given character set for your FULLTEXT indexes. For information about the <ctype><map> array format, see Section 9.3.1, “The Character Definition Arrays”.
    • Add a new collation for the character set used by the indexed columns, and alter the columns to use that collation. For general information about adding collations, see Section 9.4, “How to Add a New Collation to a Character Set”. For an example specific to full-text indexing, see Section 11.9.7, “Adding a Collation for Full-Text Indexing”.



If you modify full-text variables that affect indexing (ft_min_word_len, ft_max_word_len, or


MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 11.9.6 Fine-Tuning MySQL Full-Text Search

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