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[ANDROID] Board Game Developed Need Feedback

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Ludo is a game which refreshes the childhood days in a modern way. Being a classic board game, it can be played between friends, family & kids via offline and also with online worldwide players by using online modes. This cross-platform the multiplayer game app is available for Android mobile platform at the same time. Real chats and video calling features make Ludo Game exciting among player of all age.

Ludo is a classic ludo game with unlimited video calling and audio chat features.

Need Feedback 😊


·        Video Calling Feature- LudoChat comes with video calling feature that is an amazing and advanced feature in the world of the game. Due to the video calling feature, players can chat by video calling during playing game.

·        Customized Dice Color And Background Wall Set- Change color of dice and set 3D background wall as per your choice and feel 3D animation game on LudoChat.

·        Board Game- Due to its advanced features and exciting levels, LudoChat has come in the top rank of all board game.

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